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What You Need To Know About Auto Glass


Your windshield serves as the top safety restraint in your vehicle. It consists of two sheets of glass secured together with thick vinyl. When the glass breaks during an accident, the vinyl prevents it from falling into the car and injuring people.


The rear windshield (or back glass) serves a dual purpose. It is made of a different type of glass than the windshield to protect you and your passengers as well as provide integrity to the vehicle frame. The back glass, door, vent, and quarter windows are all usually made of tempered or “safety” glass. This type of glass is strengthened by thermal or chemical treatments to withstand blunt force. It will shatter into tiny cubes of glass instead of pointy shards that can cut or injure you and your passengers.



Side windows are broke down into three different types. There's your door glass, which is the main window in the door of the vehicle. A vent glass is also in the door of the vehicle but is a much smaller section of glass. Last but not least, there is the quarter glass which is in the body of the vehicle rather than the door.

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