Side Glass Replacement

These auto glass panes are located on the sides of the vehicle in the doors. Side windows can take many shapes and sizes and either sliding or stationary. Most modern cars have an electric motor that “rolls” the window pane up and down, using a switch controlled by the passenger.

How our side glass replacements are made

Most car and truck side windows are made of tempered glass, while others are laminated. Made using the same glass tempering method as the rear windshield, side window glass is also known as “safety glass.” It is called this because the glass is designed to shatter into tiny, harmless glass balls instead of shattering into shards that can cut or injure your passengers.

If the glass is subjected to enough force, the properties of this glass cause it to explode outward. This is due to the inner tension created by contraction of the glass combined with the outer strength created by compression during the tempering process. The only disadvantage to the tempered glass is that sometimes it may appear to explode without cause. Just like any other piece of auto glass, side windows are thoroughly tested by auto manufacturers, so it is previous stress or force that has weakened the glass to the point of bursting.

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