Rock Chip Repair Peoria IL Depends on for Results

Rock Chip Repair Peoria ILWindshield Specialists is your local source for anything from windshield replacement and repair to back and side glass replacement. We specialize in rock chip repair Peoria IL wants. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent rocks and stones from flying up and hitting your windshield, aside from being careful while driving. Accidents happen. Come to Windshield Specialists when you experience a rock chip in your auto glass. A leader in the local auto glass industry since 1999, our technicians average 25 years of experience in the windshield replacement business. Thus, you get peace of mind when you hire us to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. We serve all of Pekin, Peoria, East Peoria, Chillicothe, Washington and Farmington.

Why Repair a Rock Chip?

Rock chips can appear as a circular bulls-eye, a linear crack, a star-shaped break or a combination of all of these. They all require repair. Our technicians will apply vacuum pressure and then inject a resin into the affected area. They will then cure it with an ultraviolet light.

Rock Chip Repair Peoria ILWhile they may look harmless at first, there are several reasons why you should repair a rock chip right away.

  • It’s affordable to fix. In fact, it’s usually free through your insurance company.
  • Water and dirt can get into the crack if left unchecked and lead to further damage.
  • Repair is more likely when the crack is small. When it spiders and gets larger, the likelihood of replacement goes up.
  • It’s dangerous to drive with an unrepaired rock chip. Your windshield protects you from debris, to be sure, but it also protects the structural integrity of the vehicle.
  • Rock chips obstruct your vision, making your judgement suspect.
  • In some states, it’s illegal to drive with a cracked windshield.
  • It’s no secret that seatbelts are the primary means of protection for occupants. But in the event you aren’t wearing yours or the seatbelt is faulty, the windshield provides a final measure of protection in case of accident.

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