Your Safety Depends on Expert Car Glass Repair Peoria IL Drivers Trust

Car Glass Repair Peoria ILYour first instincts will tell you to seek out the cheapest option when you need auto glass repair. However, your decision to go that route could lead you to serious injury or worse. Poorly installed windshields can pop out in accidents, allowing the roof to collapse and harm the car’s occupants. In addition, front airbags can generate enough force to blow out windshields that are not properly glued. If you get the expert car glass repair Peoria IL locals have relied on since 1999, this will not happen to you. For safety and peace of mind, call Windshield Specialists today at 309-672-1610 or schedule an appointment with us online.

How Cheap Car Glass Repair Jeopardizes Your Safety

Windshield Specialists takes your safety seriously. For that reason, we use only the best materials and our experienced staff to do the job right. Each of our specialists relies on 25 or more years of training and expertise to ensure your safety. Our reputation as the experts in car glass repair Peoria IL drivers rely on continues to grow every day. Because we are focused on protecting you, we want you to know the horror stories of cheap car glass repair:

Car Glass Repair Peoria IL
  • Inexperienced technicians – We all make mistakes when we are learning. However, nobody wants their car glass to be a teaching moment for a young installer. In fact, many failed repairs happen because technicians forgot to use all the proper bonding agents. In addition, some installers forget to wear gloves, allowing grease from their hands to prevent adhesives from working.
  • Subcontractors – It is a common practice for car dealerships to subcontract car glass repair and replacement. Therefore, you think you know who you are dealing with when you bring your car for repair. However, the dealer often subcontracts the work and marks up the cost. So, you cannot be certain of the qualifications of the repair provider.
  • Make sure its clean – Your car will not be safe to sit in unless your technician thoroughly cleans out broken glass and debris. Often, companies promoting fast, cheap repairs can leave glass shards in your car. As a result, you or someone you love experience an uncomfortable surprise and possible injury.
  • Forcing a replacement – The quickest way to turn a chip repair into a full replacement is by using a poorly trained technician. Nothing is worse than expecting a minor bill and ending up with a substandard job at a premium price.

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Windshield Specialists knows the best way to do business is to keep customers safe and happy. For that reason, we offer car window repair, windshield chip repair, windshield replacement and anything else you need. Most importantly, we use our experience and top-of-the-line materials to protect you. In order to get the car glass repair Peoria IL motorists recommend, call Windshield Specialists today at 309-672-1610 or schedule an appointment with us online. Don’t worry if you are outside of Peoria. We also serve Canton, Chillicothe, East Peoria, Farmington, Pekin, Washington and surrounding areas.